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Wyson Trucking Truck and Trailer

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Wyson Trucking Truck and Trailer
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Wyson Trucking Truck and Trailer

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Wyson Trucking Propane Tanker

Wyson Trucking, Inc.

Wyson Trucking 30th Anniversary

Reliable, Safe Trucking, Hauling & Cargo Transportation Services for all of New England.

Wyson Trucking offers dependable, high-performance professional trucking services to customers throughout the Northeast from a centrally-located hub in Gardner, MA. We focus on the Petroleum Industry, however, we also efficiently transport goods for many other industries. Ask us.

Wyson's a family business. We've been trucking since 1993. We are celebrating our 30th Anniversary in 2023. We know that loyalty is earned by being dependable, exceeding our clients' expectations, and providing flawless performance.

Trust us. Your cargo will arrive safely with Wyson.

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How EJ Wyson Trucking Works for You

Equipment & Services

Besides Petroleum & Propane Transport, Wyson also offers Dump Trailers, Lowbeds, Livefloor and more. Our well-maintained equipment gets your cargo to its destination safely and on-schedule.

Read more about Wyson equipment selections and availability.

Terminals We Serve

We haul from the Boston market, the Cape, Maine, New Hampshire and Western MA to locations throughout all of New England—moving your cargo economically and efficiently.

Click here to view the list of terminals that Wyson serves New England-wide.

Safety & Compliance

Wyson fosters and encourages an environment that's focused on safety and regulatory excellence. We conform to the highest standards of the "Safety Plus Program" of Energi Holdings.

Learn how our team's focus on safety benefits you, your cargo and reputation.