SAFETY & CompliancE

Wyson Protects Your Cargo & Reputation.

Transportation & delivery of petroleum products is a dangerous business.

We make it safer.

Wyson Trucking Safety Training Seminar

One of the main ingredients of being an effective and successful Petroleum and Propane Carrier is to encourage and foster an environment that keeps our entire team focused on safety and risk reduction.

Over a decade ago, Wyson formalized safety objectives, thanks to our affiliation with Energi Holdings. We adopted their "ERisk Solutions Program".

Wyson's safety initiatives include:

  • Training & Updates
  • Quarterly Team Safety Meetings
  • An Observation Program to keep our eyes fixed on safety and current developments.

Augmented by Energi’s Expert Support and Compliance Audits, we maintain a focus on productivity, customer satisfaction, value—and safety.

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Wyson Trucking Safety Awards