About Wyson

Family-owned & operated.

Eric J. Wyson started his fledgling trucking

operation in 1993, called it "E.J. Wyson Trucking" and hauled liquid asphalt with just one tractor. His parents’ home in Westminster, MA was Wyson headquarters

Over the next two years, Eric gradually expanded the operation and began hauling sand and gravel. Wyson Trucking grew its customer base, variety of transportation offerings and its New England roster of commercial and terminal destinations from there.

In 1998 E.J. Wyson Trucking incorporated and acquired the equipment and transport business from market-dominant Roy Brothers Oil & Propane—and began exclusively hauling their petroleum products. 

Since then, Wyson's grown to a 25-truck operation. We transport Petroleum, Propane, Dry Bulk Products, Construction Materials and Construction Equipment. 

Wyson Trucking remains a family business—owned and operated "professionally with a personal investment in every customer's success", by Eric and his wife, Nancy. Meet our team here.


Wyson Trucking, Inc.'s mission is to provide the highest possible service—safety, on-time performance and competitive price point to commercial industry, specializing in but not limited to, the Heating Oil, Gasoline and Propane industries. We're dedicated to growing and maintaining a strong family and service orientation to benefit our customers like no other trucking company.